ࡱ> AC@ RO bjbj2$ee jj88q"LLLLLz~D!!!!!!!$%'b!9!LL4+"LL!!L?od!A"0q"#(F#(#((!!,dq"#(j, : Stock Code: 200771 Stock ID: Hangqilun B Announcement No. 2017-78 Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. Announcement on Change of Chief Accountant and Appointment of Deputy General Manager The members of the Board and the Company acknowledge being responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness of the announcement. Not any false record, misleading statement or significant omission carried in this announcement. The Board of Directors of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd recently received Ms. Pu Yangshuo's resignation. Ms. Pu Yangshuo, for personal reasons, applied for resigning from the position of Chief Accountant and Deputy General Manager of the Company. After the resignation, Ms. Pu Yangshuo does not hold any position in the Company. Pursuant to the provisions of the Company Law and the Articles of Association, the resignation of Ms. Pu Yangshuo takes effect when it's sent to the board of directors. Ms. Pu Yangshuo has been served as the chief accountant and the deputy general manager of the Company since June 2013. She performed her duties responsibly and diligently during the term of office of the Company and made outstanding contributions to the development of the Company. Here, the board of directors of the Company would like to express heartfelt thanks to her. According to the nomination by General Manager Mr. Ye Zhong and after examination by the nomination committee of the board of directors and the deliberation by the 17th meeting of the 7th board of directors, the board of directors of the company agreed to appoint Mr. Zhao Jiamao as the chief accountant and deputy general manager of the company with the office term from January 1, 2018 until the expiration of the term of the seventh board of directors. The independent directors of the company issued an independent opinion on the above matters. This announcement is hereby made. The Board of Directors of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. December 30,2017 AttachmentResume of Mr. Zhao Jiamao-Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant Mr. Zhao Jiamao, born in March 1975, member of the Communist Party of China, university degree, certified public accountant and senior accountant. He joined Hangzhou Steam Turbine Power Group Co., Ltd. Finance Office in 1995 and was once the Vice Minister of Finance of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Power Group Co., Ltd., Chief Accountant, Deputy General Manager and General Manager of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Power Technology Co., Ltd. In December 2014, he was the Deputy Chief Accountant and Chief Financial Officer of the Company. Since March 2016, he has been the General Manager Assistant, the Director of Asset Management Department and the Finance Department and the Contract Department. Mr. Zhao Jiamao is not holding the Companys shares; there is no relationship with the shareholders, the actual controller, other directors, supervisors and senior executives of the Company holding more than 5% of the shares, and has not been punished by the CSRC and other relevant departments And the stock exchange shall not be classified as a dishonest person; and shall meet the requirements of the relevant laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, normative documents, the Rules for the AFgh <vgXgI*B*ph.@2. bVyblFhe,gCJaJN@BN mqu w'$ 9r &dG$Pa$CJaJ2oQ2 mqu w Char CJKHaJ< @b< mqu$ 9r G$a$CJaJ2oq2 mqu Char CJKHaJnon cke A$#$1$a$>B*CJKHOJ PJ QJ _HaJmH nHo(phsH tHwhRoR  ckee,g)ۏ Char$CJOJPJQJ_HmH nHsH tHPK![Content_Types].xmlN0EH-J@%ǎǢ|ș$زULTB l,3;rØJB+$G]7O٭Vxjm)ʬuWLfdݮ+5_4csj-V?k3rm}gz gs嚋7xwsȈR W*)|jȫKXͫ dXIBF؇bnh ( *'vɗ3KZjz'c*_=}<9ݻw~]8^~_o?xYýg~^G}J0Emh=Ԅ Ξa>s$-, Oɠ=Hp Ua/ UO d*:(.fTU/!9$V[|hrvs-iUt. 6ڪ4Cebs)bMjBekp um,fd$͑{6GUVf~b#Vb@qTTW.ޛd)i@vdq9Y^X7{2%uHx+af6]>f#sm*qqDHehK)@?71oggo`:fղekp£2֌Nj8ǰD CB?81e>nEeU}H]dm1iQ6褣֧ $ A O O @ @H 0(  0(  B S  ? OLE_LINK1 OLE_LINK2 OLE_LINK25 OLE_LINK2937 OLE_LINK2938 OLE_LINK2939 OLE_LINK3 OLE_LINK9 OLE_LINK10 OLE_LINK11 OLE_LINK2940 OLE_LINK2941 OLE_LINK2935 OLE_LINK2936 OLE_LINK20 OLE_LINK17hhG<   < (  (bjMR(. / 0 7 8 ? K N O Z [ _ a k l u z ~   _ 3333  DCJdLHZV2g x;Fzc5O ebq,J!8!5OIeK!.l!C #)$^5$%C$%)&o&( ("):+K-{ ../v7/x/Q71a1~3_3a 4j4$5l5r6&889^9L :xK:;$=~>YL?@@1@m5@Ch@i@oBLB7sB]C:aC&GDFFlG HzI:IJI2JCJG=K$?KTJLNLqLM2MzFMP(P@QySQW5XkXZwZ ]__sZ_(`53`a=JauJajb~cIdf=gNAg"h}+hih2vi*)jKk)l/mHv @4 @$@@@Unknown G*Ax Times New Roman5Symbol3. *Cx Arial;" Helvetica;= |8ўSOSimHei-= |8wiSOA5  wiSO_GB2312wiSO7.@Calibri;([SOSimSunI. ??Arial Unicode MSA$BCambria Math qh\\h\  !-!),.:;?]}    & 6"0000 0 0 00000 =@\]^([{  0 0 00000;[2  3qHX ?Z2! xx  8RNx200771User AdministratorOh+'0  0 < H T`hpx֤ȯ룺200771UserNormalAdministrator7Microsoft Office Word@G@x)M@0`pO@B&o ՜.+,0 X`t|  Microsoft    !"#$%&'()*+,-./12345679:;<=>?BRoot Entry F3?oDData 1Table#(WordDocument2$SummaryInformation(0DocumentSummaryInformation88CompObjn  FMicrosoft Word 97-2003 ĵ MSWordDocWord.Document.89q