ࡱ> Z\Y RNbjbj2Zee%  8LT_ rr"L(Z\\\\\\$!"$4 ZZ^qF/ 0_ %%%4%$|ZX@4*`_ % , L: Stock Code: 200771 Stock ID: Hangqilun B Announcement No. 2018-03 Announcement of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. on External Guarantee The members of the Board and the Company acknowledge being responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, and completeness of the announcement. Not any false record, misleading statement or significant omission carried in this announcement. `!. Overview of the Guarantee 1.Hangzhou Steam Turbine Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd (which is a holding subsidiary of the company, hereinafter referred to as the Auxiliary Machinery Company), in order to meet the liquidity needs of its production and operation, applies for liquidity loans to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hangzhou Banshan Branch (hereinafter referred to as ICBC) of which the credit line is RMB 20 million with a term of one year. The Company provided guarantee for the credit line with the guarantee mean in joint liability. The loan interest rate: the benchmark annual Loan Rate (LPR) announced by the Inter-bank Lending Center on the day prior withdrawal + 48.5 basis points0.485% .The Company provided guarantee for the credit line with the guarantee mean in joint liability. 2. Basic information of the guarantee Guarantor: Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. The Guaranteed: Hangzhou Steam Turbine Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd. Creditor: ICBC Hangzhou Banshan Branch Guaranteed amount: RMB 20 million Guarantee mean: Joint-liability guarantee 3. Approval procedure of the guarantee The Proposal on the Companys Guarantee for its holding Subsidiary- Hangzhou Steam Turbine Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltds Liquidity Loan - the Company was approved in the 18th meeting of the seventh board of directors on January 26, 2018, For details, please refer to the announcement of the 18th meeting of the seventh board of directors(Announcement No.2018-02). Pursuant to the Rules Governing the Listing of Shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the relevant regulations, none of the aforesaid guarantees provided by the Company to Auxiliary Machinery Company for the purpose of consideration by the Shareholders' General Meeting shall constitute a connected transaction and shall not be subject to the relevant government departments for approval. a!. Basic Information about the Guaranteed 1. Company Name: Hangzhou Steam Turbine Auxiliary Machinery Co., Ltd. 2. Date of establishment: October 12, 2004 3. Place of registration: No.357, Shiqiao Road, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou 4. Legal representativeKong Jianqiang 5. Registered capital: RMB 80 million 6. Business scope: Design, manufacturing, technical services, technology consultation: steam turbine auxiliary equipment and spare parts Heat ex-changer, mining machinery and accessories sets of equipment and spare parts and so on 7.The relationship with the company: the company holds 87.53% stake of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Auxiliary Equipment Co., Ltd. 8.The guarantor of the recent financial situation: In RMB Period Main operating incomeTotal profitNet profitNet assetsTotal assetsLiability ratioYear of 2016362,840,873.0728,855,906.7725,243,697.12223,085,651.40548,004,777.4659.29%Year of 2017 unaudited 394,136,946.1741,087,761.5334,361,993.95232,812,805.32652,031,253.1864.29%b!.The main contents of the guarantee agreement The main contents of the Maximum Amount Guarantee Contract signed between the Company and ICBC are as follows: 1.Maximum guaranteed amount: RMB 20 million 2.Guarantee mean: Joint-liability guarantee 3.Guarantee scopeThe principal, interest, compound interest, penalty interest, penalty, damage compensations, exchange loss (losses arising from the exchange rate) and t+/CDGHJz{  8 : < Ȼ|lZH#hfhN5CJOJPJQJaJ#hfh5CJOJPJQJaJhfh5CJOJQJaJhfh5CJaJ ho(hhh6CJOJQJaJh hN5aJo(hh5OJQJaJh5OJQJaJo(hhCJOJQJaJo(hCJOJQJaJhCJOJQJaJo(hhCJOJQJaJHIJ{ < .U> d4WD`gd=d4gd3S d4VD@^gdNyqd4gd d4WD`gd d47$8$H$gd$d47$8$H$WD1`a$gdgd47$8$H$WD1`ggd<   Z\f-.UĤiiZK<+ hfhmQCJOJPJQJaJhfh3SCJOJQJaJhNyqh3SCJOJQJaJhfhECJOJQJaJ>hfhf0JB*CJOJPJQJaJfHph333q 5hfhf0JCJOJPJQJaJfHq >hfhf0JB*CJOJPJQJaJfHph333q hfhCJOJQJaJhfhECJOJaJ>hfhf0JB*CJOJPJQJaJfHph333q =>@RZ .&2⤓xhYM>>>hfhCJOJQJaJhNyqCJOJQJaJhSXyCJOJPJQJaJo(hSXyh3S5CJOJQJaJhSXyh3S5CJaJhfhHCJOJQJaJ hfhNyqCJOJPJQJaJ>hfhNyq0JB*CJOJPJQJaJfHph333q hfhmQCJOJPJQJaJhNyqCJOJQJaJo(hfh3SCJOJQJaJhfhECJOJQJaJ>f (,:BXe$ Ud$7$8$H$Ifa$gdS1$d4$UDVDWD]`a$gdf d4VDgdNyqd\gd4#8d4gd d4WD`gd3Sd4gd3Sd\gdNyq&(8:*+,39:ABWXdeopz{ôҤÕta%hj@hB*CJOJQJaJphh65CJaJo( h65o(hj@h6CJOJQJaJhj@hCJOJQJaJhfh5CJOJQJaJhfh4#8CJOJQJaJhfh6CJOJQJaJhfhCJOJQJaJhfh65CJOJQJaJhfh3SCJOJQJaJ ep{$ Ud$7$8$H$Ifa$gdS1'kd$$If,֞dlt"%OT0f*44 laytS1 d$IfgdS1$ Ud$7$8$H$Ifa$gdS1'kd$$IfF֞dlt"%OT0f*44 laytS16Rn d$IfgdS1$ Ud$7$8$H$Ifa$gdS1 Ud$7$8$H$Ifgd:>NP <<<<콱sfsfsfsYsWsMCh%Kh6aJo(h%KhaJo(Uhh6CJOJaJhCJOJQJaJo(hhCJOJQJaJhNyqh65CJOJQJaJhNyqhCJOJQJaJhNyqh5CJOJQJaJhNyqh5CJaJh65CJaJo(%hj@hB*CJOJQJaJph!hj@h6B*CJOJaJph%hj@h6B*CJOJQJaJph'd4gd6kd$$IfF֞dlt"%OT0f*44 laytS1P<=>@?CE@HHJK*LLFMMM 2d4WD`2gd d4WD`gd4#8d4VDWD`gd4#8d4gddd\gdNyqd4gdHd4gdd4gdNyqd4gdhe costs of realization of the debt (including but not limited to legal fees, lawyers fees) 4.Guarantee period: Two years commenced from the date of the expiration of the occurrence period of the principal claim. 5. The debt period of the principal contract: The term of the agreement is 1 year, and the loan contract shall enter into force on the date of actual withdrawal. IV. Opinions from Board of Directors For meeting the liquidity needs arising from the production and operation, Auxiliary Machinery Company made an application to ICBC for the liquidity loan. thus to help Auxiliary Machinery Company obtain the bank s loan and the bank s credit line for solving the liquidity needs to meet Auxiliary Machinery Company s operation and development. The board of directors performed the deliberation procedures with in accordance with the regulations and such guarantee is in line with the law. Auxiliary Machinery Company maintains a relatively good record in aspects of asset quality, operation condition, industry prospect, debt paying ability and credit status. The board holds that guaranteeing it won t have any negative effect on the company. The company has signed a counter-guarantee contract with the Auxiliary machinery company,. This guarantee complies with the requirements of fairness and impartiality. The board of directors of the company fulfilled the review procedure in accordance with the regulations, and it s in line with the relevant law and regulations in that the company provides the guarantee for the auxiliary machinery company. V. Cumulative Amount of External Guarantee and Amount of Overdue Guarantee By this announcement date, the accumulative amount of external company by the company and its holding subsidiary is RMB 3,580 million, taking up 5.31 % of the audited net capital in 2016 which amounts to RMB6745.6227million. The company has no overdue guarantee. And it has no litigation-involved guarantee amount or amount of loss resulting from failing guarantee-related litigation. VI. Documents available for inspection 1. Resolutions of the 18 Meeting of the seventh Board of Directors 2.Contract on Guaranty of Maximum Amount signed by The Company and ICBC; 3.Counter Guarantee Contract signed by Auxiliary Machinery Company and the Company. The Board of Directors of Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. January 27, 2018     PAGE  PAGE 4 <==>>>@?? @@v@@@@|AACCHCJCEteVhfh4CJOJQJaJhfhNyqCJOJQJaJh4#8h?CJOJQJaJh4#8h4CJOJQJaJh4#8hNyqCJOJQJaJ>hfhNyq0JB*CJOJPJQJaJfHph333q h4#8hpyCJOJQJaJhNyqhpy5CJOJQJaJhhNyqCJOJQJaJo(hpyhCJOJQJaJEEEE@HHHIIIJLJNJKKKqdqdqWqF5 h4#8hNCJKHOJQJaJ h4#8h4CJKHOJQJaJhNyqCJOJQJaJo(hCJOJQJaJo(h4#8h4CJOJQJaJhNyqhN5CJOJQJaJhNyqh45CJOJQJaJ>hfhH0JB*CJOJPJQJaJfHph333q >hfhf0JB*CJOJPJQJaJfHph333q >hfhf0JB*CJOJPJQJaJfHph333q K*LMMMMMMMMMfNhNzN|N~NNNNN~oboSFob<4jh23Uh hPIaJo(hCJOJQJaJo(h4hCJOJQJaJh4CJOJQJaJo(h4h4CJOJQJaJh hNaJo(hhN5aJo(h4#8hrN5CJOJQJaJhNyqCJOJQJaJo(h4#8hNyqCJOJQJaJ>hfhNyq0JB*CJOJPJQJaJfHph333q h4#8h4CJOJQJaJh>XOh45CJOJQJaJMMhNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNh]hgdrN &`#$gdv0u d4VDWDp]0^u `gd4 d4WD`gdNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNh hPIaJo(h0JmHnHuhBM hBM0JjhBM0JUjh23Uh230182P. 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